Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I think my design skills need some help...

Ok, so I worked again on another page layout for my daughter's college graduation and have decided that I really need more practice.  I search and search the web and see all these beautiful layouts but then I can never seem to get it right.  So I ask myself........... is my problem too many pictures? the wrong color choice? or do I just need help? LOL  So I have started on my quest to find tutorials and books to help me create better layouts.  I did find the Get It Scrapped website very helpful. Debbie Hodge's techniques and tips are wonderful.  Additionally I opted to purchase a couple of books off of Ebay for inspiration (or to copy the layouts - LOL).  I will let you know what I think of these books once I receive them.  So here is my layout.  Hopefully my future layouts will possess some WOW!  Looking forward to comparing them!

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