Monday, February 28, 2011

So Many Pictures ..............

Kit plus extra grid pages
Have you ever had a lot of photos that you want to put on one page but can never seem to find the right look?  Well that's me!  My son plays football which equates to approximately 10 games per season and four years of playing!! You can only imagine the amount of pictures I need to scrapbook.This past fall I was at our local scrapbook expo and came across a booth  Mosaic Moments by Tami Potter.  Her concept is to take several pictures and make a mosaic.  It is the coolest thing you ever saw.  So of course after I watched the demo I was hooked.  I purchased the entire kit for approx $50 and even purchased extra grid papers.
I have only done one page but there are so many neat ideas in the book that I can't wait to try.  It is very simple to do and so beautiful when finished.  Check out Mosaic Moments website!   Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friend's Birthday Card

 Here is a birthday card I made for my dear friend Clare.  We are always watching what we eat (actually watching it as it goes in our mouth- LOL) so I thought the card sentiment was appropriate! The cupcake was cut from the "From My Kitchen" cartridge. The paper used is from the K&Company Confetti pack and I printed the card sentiment through MS Word.  Thanks for looking!

Valentine's Cards

Here are a couple of Valentine's Day cards I made for my husband and son this year.  The heart card I stamped with a heart stamp and then heat embossed it.  The heart I cut from the "Accent Essentials" cartridge.  I added pop dots for a dimensional look and Stickles to the heart.  The picture did not do the Stickles justice, it made it look streaked. 

For the Bee card I used the "Opposites Attract" cartridge for the saying and the bee was from "Just Because" Cards.  I cut two sets of the body with the wings out of vellum and then bent them for the dimensional look.  And of course I added pop dots to the bee.  The bee in the center of the bow is a brad. I hope you enjoy these cards.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cricut Whisper

With so much information and helpful tutorials on the web about the Cricut, you can usually find all the answers to your questions about the using the Cricut. Unfortunately I can never remember where I saw the information or I have it saved on my computer and have to stop what I'm doing and look it up. Well it looks like my problem may be solved..........I saw an AD on the Cricut Cutter Group about the Cricut Whisper.This is a booklet that was put together by Cara over at Let's Learn the Cricut. Cara teaches classes on how to use the Cricut and has put together a reference booklet that is constructed of 4x5 cards attached with a 3" ring. Cara's basic Whisper is full of all kinds of helpful Cricut information right at your fingertips!
  • all about the settings
  • booklet tricks
  • what dials do what and sizing
  • blades and mats
  • features and modes like fit to page and mix and match, center point
  • set paper size
  • chipboard...and more! 
  • Gypsy, Design Studio and Imagine sections can be added to your Whisper too.
The cost is $20 with free shipping and will also include a free Whisper membership thru 2011. Cara will be accepting pre-sale orders on February 19th and will ship on March 15th. I don't know about you but having something like this at my finger tips will be invaluable.  Way to go Cara!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Recipe Mini Album

Here is a chipboard mini recipe album I just finished for my sister Terry. My sister is an avid baker at Christmas time so I thought that she might like a recipe holder album just for her Christmas baking recipes! Not to mention the fact that she is my Guinea Pig for all my new projects! Also I was able to try out my new We R Memory Keepers-the Cinch Bindery Tool I received for Christmas. This machine is so easy to use. The Cinch is compatible with the wires for the Bind It All as well. The only thing I read is that you shouldn't go with anything less than a 3/4" wire for ease of movement. If you do not have a binding machine I really recommend The Cinch! .The Cricut cartridges I used were "From My Kitchen" cartridge for the album and "Christmas Cheer" for the word Christmas on the front cover. The paper used was from the K&Company Wintertide Collection. This mini album was inspired by Mary over at Cardz TV. Mary has such lovely work and has inspired me so many times to try something new. Thanks Mary!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award and 8 Random Facts

Let me just say I was shocked when I received this award from Robyn at In Joy Stampin.  Robyn is such an amazing Artist/Crafter and to receive compliments on my work from her, leaves me speechless! Thank you so much!  Now I am to leave 8 random facts about myself and then pass this award on to 8 people who I admire and that inspire me.....
  1. I have lived in South Florida for almost 29 years. I am originally from Toledo, Ohio.  Yes Toledo!!  I have 4 sisters of which I am the youngest.
  2. The perfect ending to the day would be dark chocolate and a glass of red wine! 
  3. I love warm weather and love to go barefoot.  I love swimming but hate putting on a bathing suit (so depressing). LOL
  4. Besides crafting I love to cook. I especially love to bake. I have a passion for always trying or creating something new.  I try to grow herbs, the word is TRY.  I like to think that it is the South Florida weather and not me that kills the herbs!
  5. The farthest destinations I have ever traveled to are New Zealand and Australia.  Words can't describe the beauty of these places.  We were there in the June of 2009 (wintertime) and hope to go back during their spring someday.
  6. I love Sushi but would never attempt to prepare it myself.   
  7. I am very handy............. I'd like to think that no challenge is too big for me.  I have installed garbage disposals, dishwashers, ceiling fans, faucets, etc.  You name it, I have either done it or tried!   And yes I am a directions reader, Google searcher, etc. I guess that is why I love to scrap-lift, I love to follow directions!!
  8. I am addicted to E-bay.  I will always shop around and check E-bay last to make sure I am getting a good deal!
In no particular order, I pass this on to 8 lovely and talented ladies who inspire me...................

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Resetting My Cricut

I just want to clarify that I have used the gel pen holder before and it works great! It was my Cricut that was giving me the problems. Good news, the dragging problem with the Cricut blade/gel pens is fixed.  I remembered there were instructions on the web on resetting  the Cricut.  I found Joy's instructions at Obsessed with Scrapbooking and reset my machine.  All seems to be working well and my cuts seem to be working better too!  Definitely try this remedy if you are having any problems with your Cricut.

Valentine's Day Gift Card Holder

My dear daughter Lauren has been dieting so I thought I would surprise her with a gift card from Marshall's/TJMaxx (a college students favorite store) for Valentine's Day.   Originally I was trying to write the word "LOVE"  with the gel pen holder I purchased from Amy Chomas at  Chomas Creations.  However, every time I got to the last letter, the pen would drag in a location or two.  I tried adjusting all my Cricut settings but no luck!  I guess I am going to have to practice using them a little more. So I opted to cut the letters using SCAL with a font I found called Storybook. The card is simple but cute!  Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday Card

I've been on a roll lately with this blogging stuff!  Here is a birthday card I made for my mother-in-law.  The card is 5x7 and the sentiment is from the "Paper Lace" cartridge.  I recycled the ribbon from a Brighton gift bag!  This was my first attempt at sewing on a card.  I purchased the Lil' Sew & Sew by Tivax at Amazon with my AMEX points.  The machine is just like the Janome.  There are 8 stitches, two speeds, a foot pedal and runs off battery or electricity. Amazon's cost is approx. $38. Not a bad little machine for sewing on cards.  Check it out!