Sunday, January 27, 2013

My New Scrapbooking Obsession - Kimbo!

So my daughter Lauren adopted a rescue puppy back in March 2012. Kimbo is a Pit, Lab mix and is the sweetest dog ever! Needless to say, he has become such a joy to all of us!  We call him our grand-dog!!! We are sure he thinks he's human.  LOL  So as part of my ongoing gift to my daughter, I have started making a scrapbook of Kimbo.  So be prepared, my blog will be full of Kimbo layouts! 

Have you ever seen dog sit like this? I told you he thinks he's human!

He loves to hunt for lizards.  He searches the bushes and if he doesn't see any, he stomps his front paw to see if any appear. The poor lizards go into hiding when Kimbo visits.

Christmas 2012

Would love to hear your thoughts on my layouts!  Thanks so much for looking.


  1. Great idea, making an album of your grand dog for your daughter. She will love it.

  2. It's easy to see why you'd be obsessed with them. Those supplies look very cute! Just one look, and you could already think of different designs for it! Anyway, thank you for sharing them with us. They all look wonderful!

    Harry Newton @ All Scrap Book Steals