Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello my name is Donna!  Today is the very first day of my Blog. I would like to start out thanking all the wonderful Paper Crafters who share their work and files with everyone.  Each and everyone of you have inspired me to branch out and try new things.  I have been scrapbooking on and off for several years now. Three years ago I received my Cricut Expression for Mother's Day and have been hooked ever since.  I have one problem though......I tend to over think everything!  This of course makes my projects and scrapbook page creations become rather time consuming.  So I have found myself being a "Scrap-Lifter!" Everyone of you have been so kind as to share your work which has really helped my cause!  Once I reproduce something, my creativity expands.  When I post my projects, I will try and remember who and where I might have Scrap-lifted the project.  However, if I fail to mention you, please know that I am very very thankful for you sharing your creativity and inspiring me!  

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  1. You are a tremendous artist. I like your style and talent. It is wonderful to have the web to inspire us paper crafters and it is always nice to know that you have inspired someone else. I have found so many mentors and I will be adding your name and blog to that list. Thank you for sharing your creations. Blessings and hugs.
    Susan at sue's crafty mess