Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cricut Whisper

With so much information and helpful tutorials on the web about the Cricut, you can usually find all the answers to your questions about the using the Cricut. Unfortunately I can never remember where I saw the information or I have it saved on my computer and have to stop what I'm doing and look it up. Well it looks like my problem may be solved..........I saw an AD on the Cricut Cutter Group about the Cricut Whisper.This is a booklet that was put together by Cara over at Let's Learn the Cricut. Cara teaches classes on how to use the Cricut and has put together a reference booklet that is constructed of 4x5 cards attached with a 3" ring. Cara's basic Whisper is full of all kinds of helpful Cricut information right at your fingertips!
  • all about the settings
  • booklet tricks
  • what dials do what and sizing
  • blades and mats
  • features and modes like fit to page and mix and match, center point
  • set paper size
  • chipboard...and more! 
  • Gypsy, Design Studio and Imagine sections can be added to your Whisper too.
The cost is $20 with free shipping and will also include a free Whisper membership thru 2011. Cara will be accepting pre-sale orders on February 19th and will ship on March 15th. I don't know about you but having something like this at my finger tips will be invaluable.  Way to go Cara!


  1. Hope your Whisper arrived safely!

  2. Yes I did receive it and thanks! It hangs on my bulletin board just above my Cricut for easy access.